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Smile. Zero Free Processing is Here!

It is costing business owners up to 10% to accept credit and debit cards, now you can eliminate the cost and pay Zero Fees.

Tired of Sky High Costs to Accept Credit and Debit Cards?

Why Pay For Your Customers Rewards, Cash Back and Airline Travel Miles?

Did you know that when your customers use one of over 400 type of credit cards you are charged more, up to 10%, no matter what rate you signed up for.

Think about all the cards costing you 10% or more; Rewards Cards, Cash Back, Corporate, Purchase, Student, Airline Miles, Entertainment and Travel Cards just to mention a few that you are paying more for.

Accept Credit Cards With Zero Fees

Increase Your Gross Profits

Eliminate Your Processing Fees

Free EMV Terminal Provided

Retail, Mobile, Web and POS Terminal

No Cost To Get Started

Month-to-Month - No Contracts

Fast 24 Hour Funding

Average Savings $10,000 per Year

It is Easy to Save Money, Here is How it Works...

See How Much Zero Fees Can Save You

You always have the option to waive the fee for individual customers if you want to.

A non-cash price adjustment is passed through to your customer on all card transactions.

The amount is used to cover processing and cost allowing you to save all the money you're paying in fees.

Why Choose Zero Fees to Accept Credit Cards?

Are you tired of all the overpriced and hidden fees with you pay for credit card processing ?
New Zero Fee Pricing Changes Everything, Average Annual Savings is $10,000.00

Why Pay to Accept Credit Cards?

Especially when you're no longer are required to anymore.

We have already saved thousands of Texas business owners millions of dollars

Free EMV Credit Card Terminal Provided

Retail, Mobile, Wireless, Web & POS System

The Big Companies Have Been Using Zero Fee Processing for Years

Now you can too, think about it we all pay "convenience" fees


$4.35 average cost to access your own money (over 1 million ATM transactions every day).

All utility companies including DTE, , Comcast, + DISH. Average of $6.50. per transaction

10 cents per gallon, the average American spends an extra $300 per year to swipe at the pump.

These are just a few, Cell Phone Carriers, Retail Stores, Bars, Night Clubs, Property & Rental Payments, Auto Dealers, Auto Services, Legal & Professional Services, Healthcare & Wellness, the list goes on, time for you to start saving money too!

Business Fun Facts about Texas:
•    Small Businesses Represents Over 97% of all Texas Companies
•    Texas has the 2nd Largest State Economy in America
•    Texas Generates an Annual Economy of $1.6 Trillion
•    Texas Government Budget for 2016 - 2017 is $209 Billion
•    Texas State Agencies have $113 Billion for 2016 - 2017 
•    Texas has the 4th Fastest Growth for Woman Biz Ownership
•    Texas is the World's 12th Largest Economy
•    Texas Has Over 90 Foreign Government Consulates
•    Texas Is the #1 State for U.S. Exports and Import Tonnage
•    Texas Has Over 25 U.S. Customs Ports of Entry
•    Texas Prevents Frivolous Lawsuits with "Loser Pays Tort Reform"
•    Texas Is a Right to Work State
•    Texas Has a 0% State Income Tax for Residents
•    Texas Business Franchise Tax Maximum Rate of 1%
•    Texas Has Daily Direct Flights to All 7 Continents

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